Hand Dryers Provide Cost Savings Over Paper Towel

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Paper Towel Cost Savings Offered By Electric Hand Dryers

The Cost Savings that electric hand dryers can provide vs. paper towel add up to thousands of dollars per year, often in the hundreds of thousands of dollars per the expected life (7 - 10 years) of a hand dryer.  The savings is really determined by the volume of traffic received in the restroom.  However, not only the volume of restroom traffic accounts for the amount of potential savings.  Reducing vandalism has become a large issue when toilets are stuffed and clogged with paper towel.  High speed, energy efficient hand dryers offer the solution to many cost related problems, but also save energy and resources such as trees, water, and reduce land-fill space.

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To calculate your potential cost savings in paper towel, try using this calculator provided by one of the leading hand dryer manufacturers in the world, Excel Dryer.