Which is better, hand dryers or paper towels?

Studies on Paper Towels Vs. Hand Dryers

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Are hand dryers sanitary?

Studies and Comparisons on Hand Dryers and Paper Towels

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Is paper towel better than hand dryers?

Top 5 Hand Dryer Myths
Excel Dryer's Xlerator hand dryer is one of the best at eliminating paper towel. Here is an educational article on hand dryer myths.

Xlerator Reduces Carbon Footprint by 50-70%
A peer reviewed ISO 14040 Life Cycle Assessment, of XLERATOR confirmed it reduces the carbon footprint of hand drying by 50-70% when compared to traditional hand dryers and paper towels.

Hand Dryer Vs. Paper Towel StudiesRestroom Waste Reduction There's no better way to save money.

Gillette Stadium Moves From Paper Towel to the Xlerator Hand Dryer
With the capacity to hold nearly 70,000 people for any event, the stadium’s restrooms were one area that offered room for improvement. Originally equipped with paper towel dispensers, the stadium used an average of 6,264,000 paper towels per year, at a cost of more than $50,000 for paper, maintenance and waste removal.

How the USDA plans to eliminate 12 tons of paper towel waste every year
Once every two weeks, janitors at the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) break open a new pallet of paper towels to fill dispensers in well over 100 bathrooms throughout the USDA complex in Washington DC. That’s at least two tons of paper a month – more than 24 tons a year. It’s no wonder that waste reduction is the USDA’s highest priority, when it comes to going green.

American Designed, American Built
The XLERATOR® continues to be the specified hand dryer of choice at USGBC headquarters because it meets the aggressive energy and waste reduction objectives for designing state-of-the-art green restrooms.

40 Years of Conclusive Research
Bacteriological studies of 304 cultures ... showed a probably significant reduction of cross contamination of the hands when a mechanical air dryer was used.

Electric air-drying of washed finger pads resulted in the greatest reduction in virus and bacterial levels irrespective of the washing agent used.
Paper Towels Proven Unhygienic

Review Hand Dryers Vs. Paper Towel Case Study: Northwestern Memorial Hospital In 2010, Northwestern Memorial Hospital (NMH), one of the country’s premier academic medical centers, launched a major hand washing campaign aimed at employees, patients and visitors: Clean hands every time.

Case Study: Dodger Stadium Uses Dyson Airblade, Improves Hygiene, Reduces Costs The washroom facilities in sports stadiums have to cope with large numbers of users. The Dyson Airblade™ hand dryer is tested for durability and constant use, while the 12 second dry time improves washroom efficiency. In 2003 the Dodger Stadium was named best in baseball by Major League players.

Valley View Casino Center Saves Big on Paper Towel Costs
For more than three decades, the arena has entertained millions of sports and music fans by bringing the biggest and brightest athletes and performing artists to Southern California. Annually, the arena features approximately 160 events and plays host to roughly 800,000 entertainment enthusiasts. In December 2009, XLERATOR® hand dryers were installed to replace paper towel dispensers throughout the arena’s restrooms.

American Dryer Introduces the ExtremeAir
The ExtremeAir upgrade has made the GXT9 and EXT7 hand dryers, two of the most efficient, high quality, cost effective hand dryers on the market. It costs as little as 18 cents per 1,000 uses to operate at as low as 540 watts.

Making one ton of virgin paper towels can use
  1. 7,000 gallons of water
  2. 17 full grown trees
  3. 464 gallons of oil
  4. 42 gallons of gasoline
  5. 3 yards of landfill space